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Eiran K. Swart

Your Soul Kit: Your Personal D.I.Y Guide to Higher Consciousness by Eiran K Swart

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The world is changing at a rapid rate and we need to retune and align our energy to align with our planets ascension. Your Soul Kit is a detailed DIY Book that includes practices and exercises on how to attune your energies to Higher Consciousness Living. The author is a Holistic practitioner who has studied and researched healing energy practices for 10 years.

Eiran is a certified Holisic Stress Management and lifestyle coach with ITEC and she currently conducts empowerment workshops while booking fellow faciliators.  She further studied various quantum and neuroscience energy clearing and healing techniques.  

After years of facilitating healing, Eiran decided to write the book "Your Soul Kit." This book is a deep dive into the mind, body and soul wound connection while addressing the cellular memory dysfunction connected to disease and mentail heal issues.  It also addresses emotional mapping through the enregy system and a dail guide to manage stress, anxiety and emotional blockages.