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Orgone 6 sided Pyramid

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One Per Room or One in each corner for a higher vibration

6″ Orgonite Pyramid – 6 sided Style – Golden Ratio Proportions

Platinum & Silver Infused Angel Aura Quartz at Apex

24k Gold Infused Aqua Aura Quartz Layer Below 24k Gold Mandala

Grounding Minerals in the base are shungite, black tourmaline, magnetite, fulgurite, sedona red rock vortex stone, and all chakra colored calcite stones for power amplification of piezoelectic.

Made with EcoPoxy – ZERO VOC’s Durable and Safe



The Orgone Pyramids are based on Austrian Psychoanalyst "Dr Wilhelm Reich" Research early 20th century, He has introduced the term called orgone.

The Term "orgonite" refers to a mix of quartz crystals, semi-precious gemstones, metals and resin in a combination for balance out the life energy that we also know as prana, chi or orgone.

This natural Earth energy is the most powerful cosmic energy there is and it resonates with Schumann’s fundamental global frequency of 7.83 Hz. This resonance is considered to be the “heartbeat” of our planet.

Orgone Pyramid (orgone generators) have the ability to clean the energies in the room and protect the individuals from the EMF radiation. When placed in work, living or sleeping spaces. Laboratory researches that when exposed to this resonance, living body cells strengthen up their immunity and reach optimal physical and psychological health, they have shown to have health benefits as well.

Different uses of Orgone Pyramids:-

-Stress relief / anti anxiety 
-Heighten one’s psychic ability.
-Extreme money attraction
-Better Aid in sleep 
-Love or sexual attraction 
-Increased Mood 
-Vivid Dreams 
-No longer affected by EMF 
-Increased stamina 
-Increased Plant Growth
-Spiritual protection and to ward off the evil eye.