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Moringa Project Co

Moringa Facial oil 30ml Dropper

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High in omega-9 fatty acid and antioxidants, moringa seed oil is an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins to nourish, protect and replenish your skin and hair.  Antioxidants help to fight free radical damage that causes wrinkle, effectively reducing visible signs of ageing.  Plant hormones help to regenerate skin cells and improve moisture levels, protecting against skin stresses like pollution for brighter, softer and younger looking skin. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic compounds help to soothe acne, eczema and can also be used to treat scrapes and bites.

Moringa seed oil is 100% natural, this means no chemicals, no preservative, no parabens, is vegan and cruelty-free.  Moringa Project Facial Oil is boosted with Vitamin E for added benefits.

Ideal for all skin types. Lightweight and easily absorbed.


  • Apply daily as regenerative nighttime serum
  • Use as moisturising base for day cream or make-up
  • Apply directly on wrinkles, acne, scars, eczema, cuts and bites
  • Can also be used to tame frizzy hair as a serum or as conditioning treatment on scalp and damp hair


  • Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil
  • Vitamin E