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Love Will Find You 9 Magnets to Bring You and Yours Soulmate Together by Kathryn Alice

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You Can Attract the One

This book shows you Kathryn Alice's magical formula that has resulted in thousands of people finding their "person". Learn:
  • How to bring love right to your door using the Law of Attraction . . . easily
  • The secret to turning "crazy love" into a soulmate love that will last
  • Why you may not even know your biggest block to love, how to find it and get rid of it
  • The way you repel people (and love) and how to fix this instantly
  • Why this work has resulted in thousands of weddings & is the most effective way of attracting love available
  • 5 simple proven methods to rev up your dating life even if you haven't dated in years, have had huge dating drama or constant dating disappointment. Be sought after by the ones you're interested in
An easy, inspired read, Love Will Find You offers practical steps, simple exercises and love stories from all walks of life to ensure you are not single much longer.