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Kilroy Beach Towel - Red

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Trimmed with handcrafted fringe and lined with a terry towel layer, the trendy SUNKIT Kikoy beach towel comes with an inside, hidden pocket to keep your mobile, keys or money safe when you go for a swim.It is easy to pack and dries really quickly.


100% Cotton

Machine washable

A sustainable beach towel

Sunkit Kikoy respects the environment with its natural dying process. It is ethically made from locally grown cotton in a Kenyan workshop, certified by The KEFAT (Kenyan Federation for Alternative Trade). This label ensures what the consumer buys is the product of Kenyan craftsmen and women who get an honest income and work in good conditions. Once the kikoy is woven, the tassels are then hand knotted at home by the artisans’ wives. This allows them to make extra money to send their children to school and improve their life standard.