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AllSwell Creative

AllSwell The Deck

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Whether you want to kick start or deepen a pen-to-paper practice, The Deck provides a thought-provoking mix of daily creative prompts. They were developed in collaboration with psychiatrist Dr. Monisha Vasa so you know they’re legit. Each card includes a “Write” and a “Draw” prompt. Shuffle them up, grab a pen and see what emerges. 

You don’t need to be a writer or an artist. It’s about trying something new, spending a little time with yourself, tapping into your own creative voice (trust us, you have one). Try to reserve criticism. Give yourself permission to make stuff and let it flow. 

Because we like nature The Deck is printed in a socially accountable manner on materials originated from well-managed forests, compliant with the Forest Stewardship Council™.

The Deck features original photography by Emily Nathan of Tiny Atlas and Kassia Meador.