About Us


Conscious Collective

At Zaya, we offer a place to explore modalities for those who want to awaken their potential, while offering fun and whimsical products and experiences.

Together we want to build a community of individuals who believe in evolving our collective consciousness to better serve the world. How do we most effectively raise our resonance? There are many paths up the mountain. We each must find the technology, ancient or new, that best aligns with our individuality.

Zaya embodies illumination of the global citizen to enrich the lives of artisans in developing nations, empowering women, minorities and LGBTQ+ communities. We donate a portion of our proceeds to entrepreneurs in developing nations through micro-finance organizations. 

Our values
Evolve - Use this life to awaken to the Truth within
Have Fun - Laugh, dance, play music and pranks, shop, be creative
Follow Your Bliss - Do what brings you joy
Support Fellow Humans - Through your actions and purchases empower others
Dream and Manifest - A more awakened, kinder world for yourself and others
A Collective Consciousness